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Alpenlaenders are your premier band and leading entertainment source for an authentic Oktoberfest. We are also a very diverse show and dance band for weddings, corporate receptions, club dances, outdoor events or any musical acts for a large or small concert venue.

Whether you are planning for a professional artist concert or if you are in need to spice up your festivities or party with upbeat music and show entertainment, chances are, we got the ticket for you. We are always happy to assist in planning cool events.

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Here you will find great music clips that you can listen to and view many photos and videos from past Alpenlaenders performances.


CDs For Sale

Below, are the best recordings we’ve done to date. Select a song in the playlist and you should hear a snip of that tune. Remember, the CD quality is far superior.

  1. 1. Ein Prosit Alpenalenders 0:26
  2. 2. Oktoberfest March Medley Alpenlaenders 0:30
  3. 3. Jodeln kann a Jeder Alpenlaenders 0:36
  4. 4. Erzherzog Johann Jodler Alpenlaenders 0:46
  5. 5. Sehnsucht nach den Bergen Alpenlaenders 0:50
  6. 6. Königsjodler Alpenlaenders 0:39
  7. 7. Leckerfassl Polka Alpenlaenders 0:31
  8. 8. Bergfrühling Ländler Alpenlaenders 0:30
  9. 9. Liebesmelodie Alpenlaenders 0:58
  10. 10. Erinnerung Alpenlaenders 0:33
  11. 11. Fang das Licht Alpenlaenders 0:49
  12. 12. Wenn der Sepp sein Alphorn bläst Alpenlaenders 0:30
  13. 13. Dongl Polka Alpenlaenders 0:30
  14. 14. Patrona Bavariae Alpenlaenders 0:32
  15. 15. La Montanara (Instrumental) Alpenlaenders 0:31

The CD “Oktoberfest” offers a great variety of songs that feature Caroline playing on the Xylophone and Günther on the Botton Box. Erika and Reese are highlighting the authentic and traditional Jodler tunes of the “Erzherzog Johann Jodler” and the “Köningsjodler”. “Fang Das Licht” with Erika and Mario and the “Liebesmelodie” with Alan are heart touching contemporary tunes added in the mix. Powerful Trumpet and Alphorn tunes played by Reese and Helmar complete this perfect CD for any listener.

  1. 1. Ohne Musik geht nix Alpenlaenders 0:36
  2. 2. La Montanara Alpenlaenders 0:32
  3. 3. Am Almsee Alpenlaenders 0:28
  4. 4. Wenn der Sepp sein Alphorn bläst Alpenlaenders 0:30
  5. 5. Ich bin immer für dich da Alpenlaenders 0:34
  6. 6. Polkagruss von Alpenland Alpenlaenders 0:31
  7. 7. Wenn Berge träumen Alpenlaenders 0:34
  8. 8. Choral für Rheinach Alpenlaenders 0:33
  9. 9. Gurktaler Walzer Alpenlaenders 0:30
  10. 10. Hütten-Jodler Alpenlaenders 0:33
  11. 11. Im Kloster von Santa Martina Alpenlaenders 0:32
  12. 12. Hey Man Polka Alpenlaenders 0:29
  13. 13. Sierra Madre del Sur Alpenlaenders 0:38
  14. 14. Jodeln kann a jeder Alpenlaenders 0:36

We’ve mixed it up on the CD “Am Almsee” with some waltzes, a few polkas (“Hey Man Polka” is my favorite), and some newer contemporary tunes such as “Wenn Berge träumen.” Also, we’ve included the “alphorns” on two selections. One is a traditional duet piece, titled “Choral für Rheinach,” played by Reese and Helmar using both F# horns. And in the second piece, “Wenn der Sepp sein Alphorn bläst,” we feature Reese on the alphorn playing along with the entire band!

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